Worlds Player

Worlds Version 1900

Upgrades automatically to 1904, last known version where shaper still works.

WorldsPlus for 1904 by Wirlaburla

A modpack to improve the Worlds experieince. Allows you to add extra friends, hide avatars easily, and more.

Worlds Version 1890 Complete (mirror) by Jimbly

Many users, such as myself, find shaper to work better on this version.

This package includes Shaper already activated and all stock worlds already downloaded.

Worlds Version 1890

The basic installer for v1890 with nothing added.

World Building Tools


For converting 3D models into .rwx format.

Extended Shaper Libraries

Enables some hidden but fuctional Shaper features for World building. Merge with the "libraries" folder of your worlds installation.

cmpview (mirror)

For viewing .cmp and .mov textures and exporting them.

compimg (mirror)

For converting images into .cmp and .mov textures that Worlds uses.

RWX Exporter by Sgeo

Takes a snapshot of a room in Worlds and saves it as an .rwx file.

String Replacer (mirror) by Sgeo

Bulk replace strings for World building.

Example files

Source images and other files used in various examples on this page.