Install Worlds

First, install WorldsPlayer from one of the avaible sources.

Version 1922 is the most recent and widely compatible, but Shaper, the world building tool, does not work in this version.

For versions with Shaper, see the downloads page.

After you install Worlds, naviaged to the folder you installed it for some additonal configuration steps.


Worlds.ini is an initalization file that you can use to configure some settings for worlds. You can open worlds.ini in any text editor. It is located in the folder where you installed Worlds.

All of these changes should take place under the [Gamma] header in your file. If you don't have that line, add it now.

If you aren't able to save your edits because of admin permissions, copy worlds.ini to your Desktop, make your changes, save them, then copy the file back. Windows should then prompt you for permssion to complete the copy.

Enable Shaper

Before enabling Shaper, make a copy of the file worldsmarks.gamma or you will lose all your WorldsMarks.

You will need to enable Shaper to do most things contained in this guide.

Notepad - Worlds.ini


Enable Custom Hologram Avatars

To use an see other players' custom 2D avatars, add the following line:

Notepad - Worlds.ini


Set Your Avatar

Changes to your avatar here will appear when you restart Worlds. See the page on VIP avatars to learn more about what can go here.

Notepad - Worlds.ini


Turn Off Chat Censoring

Notepad - Worlds.ini


Most other relevant settings can be configured after you launch Worlds. For a full list of options you can set in worlds.ini, see the official Gamma documentation.