Walls may be used for basic box-like shapes in Worlds, but you likely want to decorate your rooms with more intricate props. The following objects are containers to display various custom content, described in the previous section:


Holograms are pseudo-3D objects, like the sprites from DOOM. After you have made the hologram, set the File property of the hologram to the object. Make sure the filename ends with the number of sides (and tile count if applicable) as described on the holograms page.


Shapes are 3D models in the world, like the floor and dome of GroundZero. Shapes are a .rwx model file, details about which are on this page.


Posable Shapes are objects for animated avatars like VIP users can wear. You can customize them the same way you customize a VIP avatar, as explained on this page. Posable objects can also use the posable action to animate.